Wuxi Tower

Project Description

The new broadcast and communication tower 'The Light of Xihui' is located on the Er Mao Peak hilltop site in Wuxi China. The facility comprises of public facilities with a main observation level including a mezzanine level bar, a 200 seat revolving restaurant, located on the tower itself with a ground level activity of a Visitor Service Centre with A Cable Car Terminal, Digital Theatre and Museum with associated Back of House service facilities. The tower also provides for TV and broadcast facilities for the local television and radio stations.

The tower is a replacement for the existing and aged facilities located on the same site. The structure for the tower was explored in three different options with a mix of insitu poured concrete for the earlier studies and latterly a steel diagrid structure to support the shaft and viewing pods. All options have a 100 m high steel mast for communication purposes.

Wuxi, China
Observation & Communication Tower
Time of Project         
Start 2009- Completed 2009
With held
Value of Project         

Project team 

Gordon Moller, Craig Moller, Tim Wong, Jin Young Jeong