Ormiston Road Bridge

Project Description

Moller Architects worked as part of a collaborative team with Beca to create a Gateway to Flat Bush in South Auckland.  A comprehensive town centre landscape plan creates a new centre within Manakau City and Ormiston Road joins this main axis and arrival point.

The brief defined a need to span an existing stream and landscaped park, together with the need for four lanes of traffic plus pedestrian access, all to meet transit requirements.  A cable stayed bridge spanning 80 metres provided an appropriate conceptual idea which could touch the ground lightly, having two angled tower pylons each 45 metres high which could then support two x two lane carriageways and footpaths.  Thus, a void could be created to allow light into the park below and avoid a large dark ‘footprint’. Construction is concrete pylons and deck, steel cable supports, stainless steel components and ‘beacons’ at the pylon tops to provide a reference point - particularly at night, when the structural system is celebrated with a comprehensive lighting system.

Ormiston, Auckland
New Vehicle & Pedestrian Bridge

Time of Project         
Start 2006 - Completed 2008
Manukau City Council
Value of Project         

Project Team

Gordon Moller

Fulton Hogan