Newmarket Apartments

Project Description
The apartment development for Nuffield Street, Newmarket was part of a comprehensive larger master plan development for the wider site for the client. The projects presented here represent the three options that were developed for apartments in a tower configuration on the site. The options are two interlinked towers with apartments, two separate towers with apartments  and one taller tower with apartments. Each scheme shared a common idea with a low rise podium comprising of residential development with retail and related activities on the ground floor.

Each development option seeks to continue with the idea first explored in The Point apartment with the external expression of the building reflecting its internal arrangement. The module nature of the apartment type is expressed in the size and orientation of the balcony unit. Similarly circulation and common spaces are identifiably expressed through the treatment of the external skin given a logic and order to the development.

The generous balconies and winter gardens provide opportunity to embrace the view, outlook and solar gain of the wider context. The materials are a mix of precast concrete representing the muscular elements, glass skin drawn tightly over the facade and cedar shutters with the delicacy and warmth of timber.

Apartment Multi Unit Housing
Time of Project         
Start 2009
Value of Project         

Project Team        
Craig Moller, Jin Young Jeong, Tim Kwan