Project Description

Newman Hall is a heritage building of some significance and as such was identified by Auckland Council as having a Heritage designation on the building and site.  Moller Architects were engaged to develop a design that kept the existing building and develop ed the balance of the site to realize its development potential.

The existing Newman Hall was proposed to be stripped back and divest itself of the accumulated additions and alterations that had sullied the form of the building over a period of time and return it to its former glory.

In turn the balance of the site was developed with a commercial office building to realize the development potential of the site. The design of this building was to respect the existing heritage building with a shared common courtyard space created between the two buildings for both pedestrian entry and access for cars. As part of this new courtyard space the existing through site link to the law school to the east was to be retained and enhanced along the southern boundary.

The form of the new building is designed and articulated to respect the existing building with the placement of the circulation core and vertical transportation located on the west facade with glass lifts and stairs. The north and south elevations are developed to allow for light while respecting the privacy of the adjoining neighbours. The east elevation is developed to allow for the extensive views to the east.


Waterloo Quadrant
Restrengthen & Develop Commercial Office
Time of Project         
Start 2009 - Completed 2010
Catholic Diocese
Value of Project         

With held

Project Team

Craig Moller, Gordon Moller, Jin Young Jeong

Salmond Reed
Traffic Design Group
Harrison Grierson