Project Description

The new broadcast and communication tower is located in Bangkok, Thailand. The facility comprises of public facilities with a main observation level including a mezzanine level bar, a  revolving restaurant, located on the tower itself with an outdoor observation level above.. The Ground level activities occupy the first six levels comprising  of a Visitor Service Centre, Digital Theatre and a comprehensive Museum with associated Back of House service facilities. The tower will  provide for TV and broadcast facilities for the local television and radio stations.

The tower design utilizes a diagrid structure of steel circular columns with a decorative infill pattern of translucent material. The project in its elevation form and ornamentation references the forms and decoration of the traditional thai vases and towers.

Bangkok, Thailand
Observation & Communication Tower + Museum
Time of Project         
Start 2010- Completed 2010 Not Built
With held
Value of Project         

With held
Project team 

Craig Moller, Tim Wong, Jin Young Jeong