Kaimataara o Wai Manawa

Project Description

Kaimataara o Wai Manawa was initiated by Auckland Council to provide a public space for the Birkenhead area. The design intent of the project is to connect the main street of Birkenhead with the views over Le Roys Bush to the east and beyond to the wider Auckland Harbour. The view encompasses a wide-angle view of Auckland from Rangitoto, to North Head and around to the south to include the Eastern Bays, the City Centre and Harbour Bridge.

The public deck is split into two levels. The upper level deck provides elevated views towards the harbour, the lower deck, at street level, interfaces with the footpath and Birkenhead Avenue. The two levels are separated by a set of bleachers for casual seating and act as an auditorium for any performances and activities on the lower deck. A ramp is provided to allow for accessibility to all. The public deck has a new cafe building to the southern edge to activate the public space and is designed to maintain a discrete identity so as not to compromise the public deck. A toilet facility is incorporated into the building for the public.

The project connects to a hitherto unavailable view and opens up the connection between Birkenhead and the Le Roys Bush and the wider context. The project maximises the potential of the limited  budget to offer the maximum return for the investment with a simple selection of materials and finishes suitable for a robust public facility.

Birkenhead Avenue, Birkenhead

New Public Viewing Deck and Cafe Building

Time of Project         
Start 2013 - September 2016

Auckland Council

Value of Project         

Project team         
Alisha Patel, Craig Moller, Jake Tindal, Jeremy Purcell, Michael von Collas. Terry St George 

Structure Design

22 Degrees

Marshall Day

Fire Engineer        
X Fire