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House in Mt Eden

Project Description

The clients requested a new living area to be added onto the back of an existing villa in Mt Eden that had already undergone previous alterations for the kitchen and dining areas.

The site is relatively flat given the locale but there is a drop of approx. 1.5m from the house to the existing flat back yard area. The new living space is situated 900 mm below the existing floor level of the house to mitigate between the exiting disconnect of the house with the sunny backyard area.

The new living space is essentially a 6m x 6m box to allow for a high and generous stud height of 3.3m and to align with the ceiling heights of the existing house, there are large sliding doors to the south and west with top hung windows above to facilitate cross ventilation and passive cooling of the new space. A joinery unit is planned to separate the living from the dining and provide a balustrade between the two different level spaces. The floor and the stair are solid timber to provide warmth and connect with the materials in the existing house

The exterior of the house is clad in stained cedar timber rain screen with aluminium sliding doors and windows. All finished in black as a distinct contrast to the light grey of the house

New decks extend to the west and south to enjoy the western afternoon sun and connect to the back yard through the decks placed at different heights with generous steps that act as both steps and places to sit and enjoy the sun and shade.

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Mt Eden, Auckland

House Alteration
Time of Project         
Start 2017-2019
Value of Project         

Project Team

Craig Moller, Joe Crowe, Kasia Pioro, Terry St George

Thorne Dwyer
James Brothers