He Puna Marama Masterplan

Project Description

The Masterplan for He Puna Marama develops the potential for a shared space concept for Lower Dent and Herekino Streets in Whangarei in conjunction with the Hihiaua Cultural Centre.


The key to the Masterplan is how the public infrastructure can support the development of the precinct which includes He Puna Marama and the Hihiaua Cultural Centre and in turn how the institutions such as the aforementioned can enhance the development of the public place for all.


The space between the building projects envisaged by He Puna Marama and others is only part of the development proposal in this Masterplan. The spaces between the buildings is of equal importance in terms of developing the street network to enhance the urban space for all whether they be the public or users and occupants of all the buildings on this part of the site.


The concept of the shared space and how that might develop is indicative only at this stage of the Masterplan. The extent of the shared space is shown in the street network of Lower Dent Street and Herekino St to the east of 40 Herekino St and 171 Lower Dent Street. This notion of the shared space could develop further to the west. Similar to other shared spaces being developed in New Zealand and worldwide this is a space shared by pedestrians, bicycles, vehicle traffic and other forms of personal transportation. This is achieved by paving the street and footpaths with a common paving and carefully demarcation zones through paving and street furniture to allow for safety between all users. There are extensive areas of planting and other street furniture to calm the traffic to create a safe environment.


As part of the shared space development the management of car parking for the public needs to be considered with shared space environments purposely restricting the number of carparks available. The carparking requirements are managed further to the west of the site development and walking is encouraged in the shared space as well as the development of the public walkways on the wider peninsula that connect to the walking circuit now implemented with the addition of the two bridges


The Masterplan sets out to demonstrate how a comprehensive development done in conjunction with all the stake holders including He Puna Marama, Hihiaua Cultural Centre and Whangarei District Council can develop and create an environment that is much greater than the sum of its parts. There is an opportunity to further develop and enhance the development of the public spaces that have been implemented to date with a shared space at the heart of the development and how the built environment as it develops can contribute positive to the built urban environment.



Time of Project         

He Puna Marama Trust

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Project Team        
Alisha Patel, Craig Moller, Norman Wei