CYSOA Lighthouse 

Project Description

“The Cypriot” stands at the Beach of Geroskipou, facing the Mediterranean  Sea.  Inspired by Ancient Cypriot Sculptures, the lighthouse is gifted  anthropomorphic features. Its elegant curvature is expressed by timber diagrid cloaked in steel mesh. Its abstract form invites multiple interpretations. It can be read as a torso covered with Himation, or a priest dancing towards the sea. The light source is imagined as a Halo that crowns the Cypriot .  With the translucent, ghostly quality of metal mesh, the lighthouse creates a surreal and mystic atmosphere to its surrounding.

Geroskipou, Cyprus
Lighthouse on the Beach

Time of Project         
Start 2018 - under development


Value of Project         

Project Team        
Craig Moller, Joe Crowe, Norman Wei