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J H Whittaker & Sons

Project Description

A recently completed factory extension to the J H Whittaker factory for fine chocolate consists of Staff new Production Hall factory space together with staff breakout spaces

The design complements the existing factory buildings by using simple gable roof forms, but develops this into a rich mix of forms and elements.

The entry is a 2-storey high Atrium with all rooms having visual and physical access into it, reinforcing the family business philosophy and giving a personal quality to a business that prides itself in the quality of its product.

Materials consist of steel, stainless steel, terrazzo and concrete with corrugated profiled metal roofing.

The design seeks to celebrate the makers of fine chocolate in an efficient and productive factory.

Elsdon, Porirua
New Factory
Time of Project         
Start 2010-2018
J H Whittaker & Sons
Value of Project         

Project Team

Alyssa Miles, Craig Moller, Gordon Moller, Jodie Moller,

Michael von Collas

Spencer Holmes
Turnatt Construction