House in Freemans Bay

Project Description

The exiting two story house required a new extension to replace the existing and run-down lean to that housed the kitchen and dining area. The new extension added onto the house to extend the kitchen and dining area and connect to the existing living space with a new opening.

The kitchen was completely revamped with a 6.6m long stainless steel bench for all the cooking, prep and serving areas together with a new pantry and storage wall.

The new space added on is a 6m x 4.5 m box to allow for a high and generous stud height of 3.3m to align and match with the ceiling heights of the existing house, there are large sliding doors to the west with shugg double hung windows to the north to facilitate cross ventilation and passive cooling of the new space. The floor is solid timber to provide warmth and connect with the flooring in the existing house

The exterior of the house is clad in stained cedar timber rain screen with painted timber sliding doors and windows as a distinct contrast to the white of the house

A new deck extends to the west to enjoy the western afternoon sun and connect to the back yard with generous steps that act as both steps and places to sit and enjoy the sun and shade. A large Pohutakawa tree is retained on the western boundary to provide much needed shade and dappled light to the back yard.

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Freemans Bay, Auckland

House Addition & Alterations
Time of Project         
Start 2009-2011
Value of Project         

Project Team

Alyssa Miles, Craig Moller, Jonathan Gibb, Terry St George

Structure Design
Paul Dunn