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Project Description
The He Puna Marama Leadership Academy project provides for a range of dedicated spaces for the large gatherings required to fulfill the needs of the Leadership Academy. The project re purposes the two existing industrial sheds on the site, that with minimal means transforms the spaces into the following spaces. An assembly space for large gatherings in one hall with new openings to facility powhiri and welcome, a mess hall for military style dining and eating together with kitchen and toilet facilities and a mezzanine for a casual lounge space for senior students.

The exterior forecourt is upgraded for large gatherings and assembly. The form of the building is maintained from the existing industrial shed and transformed with the additions of new cladding, profiled metal roofing together with areas of translucent corrugated cladding. New large sliding doors on an industrial scale are added to connect the interior spaces with the outside gathering place with canopies proving shelter from the sun and rain. New window openings are provided to increase natural light within the spaces and connect to interior to the river views and beyond.

He Puna Marama Leadership Academy

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Leadership Academy

Time of Project         
Start 2019-current

He Puna Marama

Value of Project         

Project Team        
Craig Moller, Kasia Pioro, Terry St George